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holy shit I have not updated in FOREVER. Here is the short form update, and I am hoping to start posting more often again, but make no promise. I've been reading on here some, mostly on my phone, but not commenting or posting.

anyhow. Got an apartment in january, living right downtown again. Am burning through what I saved up because living downtown is really pricey if you aren't in a co-op, but we're squeaking by.

Shortly after I moved in here, we found out that MCC was proposing selling the co-op because of how much the repairs could be, so I have spent the last couple months doing everything I can to stop that. We managed to get the general membership to vote down the proposal to sell for the time being, but we are still working on putting together a passable repair proposal that comes in cheap as hell before another proposal to sell comes up. That kinda ate my life.

My apartment got broken into last month, and they took both my and my friend's laptop, which really fucking sucked.

But having a place downtown again means that even without the co-op, I have a social group that drops by. When I was out on the edge of town staying with someone else, random friends couldn't just stop by and visit a bit, and now they do it a lot. almost too much some days, but I am learning that it is ok to tell people "hey, you are awesome and I like hanging out, but I need some down time so please go away for a while" I'm not great at it yet, but getting better.

When my sublet here runs out, if I can't get back into my co-op yet, I'm going to membership at one of the indie co-ops that we've hung out at a few times, rather than sign another lease here.

Other than that, it's spring and it's glorious and it's almost time for wiscon. Life is sweet. Love you guys.
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So my coop had a fire. Nice big one. The porch and the bedrooms on the third floor wing are toast. My room iswet as fuck. The place has been deemed Inhabitable for maybe 6 months. We're staying with a friend but I am so far from downtown and in a single unit house without my community. Im exhausted sad and fucked. Posting from phone. Losing my shit.
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is BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH. Am starting to appreciate how I have turned my life around and a triumphant laugh is the only response.


May. 22nd, 2013 06:21 pm
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I have been so busy enjoying life and processing this radical perspective change thing that I have totally failed to get ahead on work before wiscon. in fact, I m a half day behind already, and am too fucking distracted to deal with it. I keep trying tho
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my life is actually a series of very odd blessings right now. I can't say much else, but it is sincerely good.
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I can pay my rent!

HQ had an absolutely fantastic birthday, at an arcade full of old school games, with most of his favorite people, including his godfather/waterbro who he hasn't seen in a whiiiile.

Said godfather/waterbro is one of my absolute all time favorite people in the goddamn universe and I am so excited to have him back in our lives and he seems, although still not well, happy.

He's coming over this evening to sit on the dock and catch up about the huge life changes we have both gone through the last couple years.

One of my favorite young people has her membership meeting to live here tonight. It is slightly less than awesome that I am skipping her meeting, but I will be at the next house meeting where it is actually decided, and there was DRAMA at the last membership meeting for someone I am friends with, so it is for the best to skip it.
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because I still can not cover the bounced check or my current payment. sucked up and emailed my only cousin with money, who couldn't help last time to see if she could do a loan where I pay her back each pay period. She can do some, but not the whole amount I am behind, and isn't sure how much. if you could all just cross your fingers that when she looks at her finances she has more than she thought and can do the whole thing?
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a badass person got me a wiscon membership so I have that to look forward to, even if I might be getting kicked out a week later.

fuckin hell

May. 2nd, 2013 03:42 pm
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i will never get ok financially. I keep getting so close and then something oes to shit. fuckfuckfuck. A friend who owes me a shit ton of money is finally getting back to work though, so unless that fucks up, there may be light, if I can come up with a couple hundred bucks in the meanwhile. I am just so tired of being behind.

eta I am aware this may be the anxiety disorder making it larger than it is.

well shit

Apr. 18th, 2013 03:56 pm
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the guy I have been doing work with cancelled this past weekend, and isn't free again til next wednesday, so instead of 100 this weekend and 100 next week, I am only getting the one hundred. and the main people I work with decided to go back to mailing my checks instead of depositing them, so I don't have the money to make the fucking payment that was due this week. FUCKED AGAIN! bwahahaahahahaha.

I just keep reminding myself that I have paid off SOOOO much, and I can not let this last couple hundred bucks that I am short now fuck me completely. But why is it so goddamn hard.
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ok, so I have the option to switch rooms in the coop to a slightly smaller room on the first floor.
Cons:Slightly smaller. Closer to the drum kit. There is one asshole who I don't get along with down there who doesn't want me to move in on his floor.
Pros: two of my closest friends in house, including my favorite whose kids are po's best friends, would be right across the hall. Closer to the main rooms/kitchen to hear what kids are doing. room is painted an awesome red instead of the yellow and teal mine is. 20 bucks cheaper. Closer to better bathrooms. Not on the same floor as any of the people who bitch about kids and noise.

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and I am doing really good at not doing that thing where I sign up for like 18 panels. I do not even LIKE being on panels. I'm still signing up for a couple though.
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Spent my new years, and the weekend before it that was my no kid vacation, lying in bed with my best friend, marathoning true blood straight through, and being mopey about his impending eviction. We were too broke to go out for new years, but a housemate bought whiskey to share with us so we at least got drunk for the big night.

Then last night, i hear from my boss for the first time in days because I have been hassling him for my next batch of work, and he informs me that because one of the other writers needed enough work to go full time, I have been cut from 25 posts a week to 25 a month. My work load got quartered. I can not survive on that. I wasn't quite surviving on 25 a week. He's going to try to get me back up to more assignments, and in time can get me even more than I was doing, but what the fuck.

Shit just doesn't get better.

ok, so

Dec. 8th, 2012 03:06 pm
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I am taking all the money that I have to the co-op office place on monday, along with my willingness to grovel, and hopefully even though it is now short because of the returned check fee it will be enough. I'm so fucking close.
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and I wound up still being short on the rent check, in part because my fucking paycheck didn't get deposited by my boss yet and a check that should have gotten here today didn't. So I have defaulted on my payment plan, gotten another fucking bank fee, and am fucked.

I was so fucking close to having this shit right. And now everything is fucked.


Dec. 3rd, 2012 02:25 pm
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I have the kindest, most supportive friends. I am now within reach of being okay. holy shit. thanks.
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okay, so you know how I have been in constant financial crisis since the breakup, so a year and a fucking half now? And I almost had my shit together thanks to a ass-ton of help? well, I am super fucking fucked again. Since Z took the boykid, he has cut my payments in half, which is fair, but has left me scrambling to make rent. And then there has been some fucking bullshit where certain shit that I thought he cancelled was still coming out of my bank account, which overdrew me by a fuckload.
I set up a payment plan to pay off what I am behind on rent over the next couple of months, and have given the house a check for the first set of payments. I gave it to them ahead of time, knowing that they do bank runs on the fifth of each month and it wouldn't be cashed until then. and then the overdrafting bullshit went down, and even when my paycheck gets here, there will not be enough to cover the check.

So basically, I am going to default on my payment plan and me and po will be evicted if I don't come up with like 450 dollars by wednesday. I do not know what to do there is NO FUCKING WAY I can get my hands on that much money in 5 days. None. I have picked up some more work than I had before, which will help in the long run, but that's not going to bring in jack shit in that timeframe.
I keep getting so fucking close to being able to get on track, and then more shit happens. I am a fucking failure. Honest to fuck, if we get evicted that means Z gets po full time, and I don't think I can deal with that. I'm so fucking wrecked over him having HQ, and if I lose po too I am done trying. I'm still barely recovered from last months suicidal breakdown, and i can feel myself losing my shit again.

I fucking hate myself for asking for help yet a-fucking-gain, but I don't know what the fuck else to do. If anyone has anything to spare that they want to donate or lend indefinitely, my paypal is still It seems as though I am always fucking begging. Thank you all for putting up with me. SHare this if you think anyone else wants to help.

well fuck

Oct. 16th, 2012 01:43 pm
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I seem to have entered a major depressive episode. So not even a little okay. Still probably about to be evicted because I can not get even close to caught up financially.

JUST FUCKED. want to spend days crying in bed, but I have po and am babysitting a housemate kid.
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the lack of posting about drama and adventures in my life does not mean that there has been a lack of it. It means that the drama has kept me too busy to blog about it, and in some cases no longer sure what I am willing to post about. It has been rough. And exciting.
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I am frankensteining ALL of the broken computers tryna get one completely functioning one. i think hq's just needs a new power cord, which i don't have for that one. I got the zareason to hold power if I don't move it, and have found a mostly working keyboard and mouse for it. mostly. A housemate is cobbling together a desktop machine for me too, so i should be ok for now. None of them run windows, so I still can't run word for work, but idgaf, I ill figure something out.


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