Oct. 6th, 2007

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Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along, if you like.
[livejournal.com profile] kittikattie picked these 7 of mine, so here goes.
dexter! Hi there, Michael C Hall being awkward and killing people. yes please.

non traditional parenting, See, I can't say I do attachment parenting, although I have elements of it. I keep studying "parenting methods" to find one that seems like what I do, and I find support for my methods, but only a tiny bit here and there, so I keep studying. Basically, I'm raising the monkeys as though they were almost equals, while teaching them along pretty radical lines.
pants with bunnies a very good friend gave me bunny pj pants while I was insanely pregnant, and I love them. The bunniees are pink. I am the opposite of the type of person who would love bunny pants, but I do and have no shame
sybermoms the net's snarkiest parenting board. also the most judgemental, foul mouthed, gangbangy, and fun.

left wing nonsense When I manage to actually find an opinion in the media that is far left enough that even I think it's far left nonsense, it fills me with glee. Most of what I agree with gets pegged as far left nonsense, so it pleases me greatly to find things further left than I am.
much other music, joan armatrading, damien rice, dar williams, frank zappa, joan baez, nine inch nails, fall out boy. I could go on and on, but do we have all day?

certain comic books I can't just say "comics" because then people think I like all of it. All I really groove on are Strangers, Transmet, Johnny the Homicidal maniac, and my all time fav, Hothead Paisan.


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