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Spent my new years, and the weekend before it that was my no kid vacation, lying in bed with my best friend, marathoning true blood straight through, and being mopey about his impending eviction. We were too broke to go out for new years, but a housemate bought whiskey to share with us so we at least got drunk for the big night.

Then last night, i hear from my boss for the first time in days because I have been hassling him for my next batch of work, and he informs me that because one of the other writers needed enough work to go full time, I have been cut from 25 posts a week to 25 a month. My work load got quartered. I can not survive on that. I wasn't quite surviving on 25 a week. He's going to try to get me back up to more assignments, and in time can get me even more than I was doing, but what the fuck.

Shit just doesn't get better.

Date: 2013-01-02 09:18 pm (UTC)
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Oh hell. I'm sorry.


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