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We had the special membership meeting on sunday, where we finally got a straight up membership vote on our proposal to sign contracts for rooms at loth to the five core members who are ready to sign and on the membershipping team. And it passed.

So we had a house meeting tonight, to pass budget, make plans, and have the five starter members pick rooms to get their contracts signed ASAP so they can sign other people in.

I’m getting the second floor corner, overlooking the porchswing and the lake. It’s as official as it can be right now. Just have to actually sign the fucking contract, and then wait for the house to open in august. Oh, and, y’know, get the other ex-loth people’s contracts done, and find another 18 roommates and get them through the membershipping process.

But the larger organisation is not going to make us jump through any more hoops or make past members go through the membershipping process again under their supervision, or try to decide for us who is going to live there. We get to make the call. I’m so relieved.

Also so overwhelmed, because not only do we have to fill the house by august, we need to make it run smoothly with a lot of new people and without a fair number of our experts and people who had been running shit.

Now I just have to get more work, while helping with all this, so I can actually pay my room fees, food share and have cash left over. But I CLAIMED MY ROOM TONIGHT, and get to sign contract within days

Date: 2015-07-01 07:34 pm (UTC)
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YAY!!!!!11!!! So close. August is just a few weeks away!!! Sounds like a fine room, too.

I hadn't realized that the work would be done so quickly. Excellent!

Any chance of getting the experienced folks back for meetings or trainings to help with the transition? That's so much to put on the plates of just five people.


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