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holy crap

So, in the time since the fire, one of my housemates had ran off to rainbow, and came back when we opened up again. And then her and her rainbow boyfriend announced they were heading out for the national gathering in vermont, and I was like, "waaah, I want to go but I can't just jump in a van full of hippies with my kid and disappear for a couple weeks." and they talked more and more of my housemates into going. and last night they talked my best friend into going with the first group heading out tonight, and i was all "WAAAAAH, why can't I go?"

And then one of my housemates was like, "well, I have a car, but can't go, do you want to borrow it?" and another housemate (best female friend, mom of my kid's bff) was like, "I can kick in gas and we can head out and take my kid too?"

So yeah, either friday night or early saturday, I'm taking off in a borrowed car with my best chick friend and our daughters to drive out to vermont and spend a good week at the gathering. Meeting up with best friend and some housemates, being met up with by more housemates a few days later.

I AM SO EXCITED I COULD SHIT MY PANTS. I get to go to my first national gathering since 94, and most of the best people from my house are going too. And because of the housemate's recent time at rainbow and her rainbow boyfriend, we are already plugged into a kitchen when we get there, and will have at least part of our camp set up by the time we get there, we will just have to throw the tents up.


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I like the combination of the title and the next to the last line!

Have a wonderful time!