Mar. 1st, 2016 02:19 am
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We're home. Finally, really and truly, officially, back home. It's been a full week now, and I'm finally believing it is real this time after that whole thing in november where we got to come home but it was a mistake. But now it's real.

We had an impromptu celebration the night we got the news, just everyone chilling in the great room with some drinks, yelling "woooooooo" and "HOOOOOOME" at each other. I ran around writing "home" in odd places all over the building in purple marker. then we were all busy doing moving in stuff and trying to organize the house, had a couple of house dinners, including one that a new housemate cooked with venison steaks from a deer he killed himself, and one I threw together with a friend because we had membershippers coming by. I made a huge thing of lo mein.

Saturday we had a big fucking noise rock show, because we are into this whole hosting shows thing and the other venue that some of the housemates run got shut down, so we became the backup for that. It got a little out of hand, with one band breaking a house mic and getting yelled at, and my best friend falling down the path to the fire pit, breaking a rib, and then accidentally setting off the fire alarm and getting yelled at. Other than that it was fucking awesome, and there was a solid moshpit that had awesome gender balance (which is important in a pit, goddamnit). Only like 9 people at its height, but there was a fucking moshpit in my living room with people I genuinely love.

Speaking of people I genuinely love, dude, my fucking housemates. As I am getting to know the new ones, and getting to hang out with the old ones again, some of who I never got to know well before based on timing, I just feel so fucking blessed to be living with such an amazing group of people. I am surrounded by brilliant, funny, revolutionary people from wildly different lifestyles, with incredible things to offer to the community. I live with most of my best friends, and the other ones hang out here.

And the one thing everyone here has in common is that they were down to go through all this bullshit in order to live at Loth. Even the newest people were membershipped back in August, expecting to be in by sept 1st. And we lost a few because of the delays, but that means everyone who is here wanted to be here badly enough to wait and struggle.

Some of my favorite older members who I wasn't sure were coming back have, too, as well as a couple that have decided they will now that were officially open.

We still don't have food or toilet paper/supplies in any meaningful way, because we have to meet with the financial coordinator of the larger coop org and the bank to get people signed up on the accounts so we can buy things, but we'll have that set up in the next couple days, and people are chipping in what they can/dumpstering/providing their own shit in the meanwhile.

We fought so hard for this. A number of people effectively ruined their lives in this fight, fucking themselves up financially and giving all of their time and energy into fixing this. I fucked myself up pretty bad, and I was mostly working behind the scenes. So many people worked their asses off and I am so amazed and relieved now that it paid off.


Also, I went and saw the local stage production of the rocky horror this week (not the shadowcast thing I was doing), and it was fucking AMAZEBALLS.

Date: 2016-03-01 02:58 pm (UTC)
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Congrats! And I hope your friend heals quickly.


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