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Imogene can now sing along to the theme to the backyardigans. and a few parts of the songs between shows on nickjr. This is MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE than the only songs she would sing for quite some time, see icon.

and I may as well call her Imogene here, because I can not all her that to her, or where she can hear, like EVER, STILL. She's Pobo baby now. wtfever. idk what Pobo fucking means either.

HQ and her really play together to some extent, finally, but half of that is him messing with her or her messing with him, not them cooperating. and there's a fair amount of 'OMG MOM, JUST GET HER AWAY FROM ME SO I CAN watch my movie/play pokemon/play guitar' and quite a bit of telling him not to kill his sister. But I'm finally seeing that the age gap between them doesn't mean they can't be peers.

as far as hq goes, srsly, 8 is the new 13, he's all hair, attitude, music and videogames. also, he's almost up to my shoulder. Can read at an 8th grade level but still thinks most chapter books are too text heavy and all picture books are too easy, so he's not reading much for books. which i try not to stress over, not everyone reads novels for fun, right?

I get hit with the holyshit wonderment of how cool my kids are sometimes, but I can't really imagine why people would want to read about what my finkmonkeys get up to, so I try to avoid these kid posts, but sometimes I can not help it.


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