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I haven't been posting much, so I'll make up for it with a big rum soaked post of various things:

The good friend who violated my kids boundaries some months ago, whom I sorta forgave once hq sorta forgave him is apparently regularly hanging out with the guy who went off on my kid more recently. Which is pretty much no big deal, except since I regularly take the first guys kid, I need to be able to get in touch with him sometimes, and when he says "oh, I'll be at j's house, you can just call me there" it means that I can not get hold of him. He missed out on having me take his kid last weekend because of this, and now I am keeping his kid a second night this time, because I will not call there. I told him why when i picked up his kid thursday, and then when I tried to call him tonight, his girlfriend was all 'he's at J's, you wanna call him there?" and I said, no, I'll just keep the kid an extra night. Dude was supposed to come visit us today before I was gonna give him his kid, because we have barely hung out in months, and he went to j's instead. erg. I'm getting stuck on the practical details because getting into my emotional reactions on this is complicated. Most of my emotional reaction is "hell, they are perfect for each other, and can fuck off together" but it is still odd to me that the two dads of friends of his who have most betrayed HQ's trust are now BFF'S.

It's extra complicated becuse the first guy was really one of my best friends, at a family level, for a long ass time, he is godparent to pobo, even, so bleh.

But I'm making new friends, by reconnecting with old ones, so it's not like i miss him much. Last weekend we hung out with another old friend of mine from high school and his wife and kids, who I reconnected with on facebook. This is the second situation just like that in a month. This family has a bunch of really cool kids, including age match buddies for each of mine. We had one of them sleep over with HQ. I also ran into another old old friend who I lost touch with, at the Y, and she has moved back to town with her kid.

We're also going to the Y regularly, throwing the monkeys into classes and playrooms, so the kids are getting more of a chance to make friends with kids who are not the kids of my friends, since things have worked poorly with the neighbor kids.

I guess my rambly point here is that I am finding it possible now to actually make new friends, who are good people i can trust and respect, so I do not have to hold on desperately to people who have fucked over me or my kids just in order to have friends for me and the kids. Because for a while, I swear to god, more than once I had, if not forgiven someone, at least let them back in my life because "I don't have enough friends to write people off" and y'know, fuck that. I can make better friends.

In smaller shit, I picked up 3 little $1 tomato kits (2 cherry tomato, one full size) at the craft store, and started them last month. They crowded the tiny starter pots, so I transplanted them into bins and buckets and flowerpots. These 3 mini pots? are now something like 35 plants split between 11 containers. I don't know how many are going to survive the transplanting, and I had to bring them all inside from the porch because it is FUCKING SNOWING, but there ought to be some goddamn tomatoes sometime. But I have bad plant luck, so, idek.

Also, I'm kinda going back to my older tastes in music lately. and just actively listening to music I truly love more and more. We got all of my mother in law's cds, so I have like 500? maybe more new cd's, but only a small percent of them are things I am interested in. she has a lot of 80's best of's, so I've been bumping a lot of Prince and Cyndi Lauper, and I have a whole fucking lot of Nina Simone and Miles Davis. HQ has a much nicer selection of beatles cd's now too.

Only place I have access to cd player, really though, is my van. So I'm still using internet music at home, and I discovered grooveshark. holy shit, you can actually listen to what you want. when you want it. without digging through the basement for the cd, or downloading it, and it controls a lot like my music player interface. so I grooved my ass off to ani and tori and tool and nin and soundgarden and and and and andandand on random tonight while I cleaned the house, and accidentally the entire david bowie catalog to my library, so every third track was david bowie which really was not what I was going for, and it is WAY harder to remove an entire artist from your library than to add it. fucking A. song by song, motherfucker. every bowie song. multiple versions. bwahahahaahaah. there are now like 3 bowie songs in my thingie, til I get aorund to adding a reasonable amount thereof. but other than that, I like grooveshark.

watched the last few US aired eps of Shameless, um, last half of series 5? I love that show way to much. Does anyone have the 4-5th series on dvd I could borrow, locally? I missed a butt ton.

going to sleep now


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