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omg, I didn't get the con crud of stomach DOOM! However, my whole body hurts like I was run over by horses.

had a rocking dinner at chautara with [ profile] porcinea [ profile] shana_etal [ profile] lantry

got free books from [ profile] littlebutfierce and discvered I love Kage Baker. yay! got cheap books at dealer's room, including Ghost, oh John Ringo NO!

Also, Moji continued to refuse to say OJRN at the actual con, only yelling it the whole way home in the van last night.

Very disturbed by the trollspy thing, and proud of my con for putting it's foot down. Also, trollspy misquoted me. douchebag.

This year, I did not fangirl over a single author. I did, however, fangirl at bloggers. [ profile] ladyjax, [ profile] ktempestt, [ profile] wiredferret, [ profile] vito_excalibur, fangirled at [ profile] sparkeymonster's dress.

Someone asked if *I* was [ profile] badgerbag! I had to admit I am not that cool.

I did not go to a single panel on actual SF, unless you count the Eclipse cover panel. (OMG. please see badgerbag's post on that panel, because if I try to share my thoughts, I may explode. Let me just say, it was good he showed up to listen, but No.)

Went to "some of us are brave" which may have been the best panel I hit all weekend.

I may or may not post a more detailed con report sometime, but most likely not.


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