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Inspired from some shit being said elselj.

The reasons we homeschool do not include:

Fear the schools will teach evolution.
Trying to keep the kids away from Godless Influences
Fear of mixing with other races/classes
Fear of not being in control of our kids flow of information
Trying to only give them information from our own point of view/lies and half truths

A small sample of reasons that do apply:

Fear the schools will not be allowed to teach evolution
Lack of Faith in the honesty, integrity and motivations of my government
Trying to keep my children from being indoctrinated with christianity and kyriarchy
Avoiding institutional gender policing
Fear of the government being in control of my child's stream of information

and then there are the actual educational theory based reasons, where my kids learn at their own paces, based on their interests, and without the distractions caused by trying to teach thirty kids with different needs and learning styles with one teacher and one lesson plan all scrambling to just get everyone up to No Child Left Behind, instead teaching self education, and teaching the things I feel are most valuable, such as arts and sciences.

ETA And I should make it clear, I do not judge people for public schooling their kids, because every family has different needs, and I totally respect the work parents who public school do to support and balance their kids education.


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