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I'm still here, still reading as much as I can, but I'm trying to get my system back the way I like it. also, still trying to make a bootable for 10.4. ubuntu, and still failing, apparently. also also the actual physical frame of my laptop has pretty much collapsed. the hinges are fucked, I can't usually close it, I have cables snaking out, if it isn't leaning on something, it falls open and lays flat, and I have quite the collection of little plastic bits that have sheared off this fucker.

the party was great and drama free. amazing. well, not entirely drama free, and pobo got a nice injury at the start of the party, but it was all good. too much sugar was had by all.

This post is taking a long ass time, because I'm watching buffy in the background and it's an ep with NEKKID SPIKE.

having some drama re trying to stay friends with the rest of the family where the dad went ape shit on hq. if I have to pretend I'm okay with that guy in order to keep the rest of the friendships, tough shit. it sucks because both my kids are tight wth their kids, but there is a limit to how much shit I will suck up to keep friends for my kids. my kids have other friends, who don't have assholes for parents.

While delivering home the sleepover kids, my friend had a family member over, and they were talking about seeing korn last night, and that he got free tickets to see some other bands this week, including the deftones, on weds, but didn't have a ride to milwaukee. Z has recently gotten into deftones harder, and has thursday off work, so I talked to dude, and Z gets to go out to a proper concert for the first time in several years. I get extra wife points for that shit. and i figure I'll be trading in those wife points by ditching him with the kids all the extra hours of wiscon weekend. which, OMGHOLYFUCKINGFUCK, COUNTDOWN TO WISCON LIKE A MOTHERFUCK.

Hey, it's even actually 5 things
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but I'm not, like, signing up. I blog at least once most days anyway.

d'yaknow, if the kids sleep before z has to crash to get up for work, there is quality adult time to be had? While we're both awake, even? weird.

haven't seen this weeks mad men yet, so shut up.

had hq's bff over for halloween, by the morning afte the sleepover he was complaining of headache, lack of appetite and general malaise, so I'll probably be getting a call apologizing for sending the swine flu to my house soon.

my favorite author, in the whole wide world, Suzette Haden Elgin, aka [ profile] ozarque has begun a new project based on non humanoid alien languages after being at loose ends, and I am thrilled by what she has revealed of it so far, but greatly saddened by the fact that she of all people has difficulty getting her sf novels published, so I am hoping and hoping she will so some type of crowdsourcing, or other self-publish/internet distro for this. because I am literally twitching with anticipation.
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finally have eveything for the finks' costumes. pobo finally decided on a fairy, because she found wings while we were looking for kitty ears to go with the kitty suit she decided today was her costume instead of the cowgirl she said she was gonna be.

we get to trick or treat TWICE, because tomorrow during the day, there's a downtown trick or treat thing going on with like 60 stores participating.

the finks are sleeping at night now. pobo is taking a damn nap right now, so she might push til like 11 pm, but most nights this week she's been out by like 8. hell, she probably could sleep through from now if I was willing to get up at 4 am.

the finks have discovered the soundtrack to Cabaret now, and both love 'Don't tell mama'

I'm eating better now that I am up during the day, too, which is good.

I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade to the new ubuntu that dropped today. I think I'd have to re-do all the little tweaks and hacks and sit I did to get this system to work the way I want it, with the 2 drives and sit, so I am hesitant. I don't even remember everything I did to get shit working the way it is now. but maybe video etc would work on the new install without so much tweaking?

totally rocking an amanda palmer obsession.

also, found a kickass crochet clutch purse, one side is black with a white skull, te other is reversed, both with a pink ribbn on their heads, lined with skeleton fabric. It was 1.99 and my eee fits in it. I haz cute goff laptop clutch!

look a post

Sep. 9th, 2009 10:13 am
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1; the children are sorta sleeping at night now. Pobobaby has gone to sleep between 8-11 and woken up between 6-8 since that day this week when she got up at 4.

2; my dishwasher dumped like a gallon of water on my kitchen floor last night. suck, but my floor is cleaner now than it was, once i got it swabbed up.

3; today is z's birthday, and i have no present for him. my van is leaking coolant, so i cant go buy a present and birthday crap unless i figure out how to add coolant.

4; sleeping at night rather than during the day helps my depression and amotivation.

5; the new mad man still isnt up on the on demand cable, and if it isn't there tonight, i'll be watching it in miniature on the eee.

I still can't get over the baby having her own electric guitar.
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so, with the help of a couple of good friends, (REALLY GOOD FRIENDS!) I managed to get the house up to landlord standard and then some, and pull off a mostly hitch free birthday party. (except for the part where her 'whole birthday was RUINED because her balloon got away) My house has maybe never been this clean, although it's the kind of clean where DON'T OPEN THE CLOSETS! NOT THE BASEMENT! I did wind up sorta cleaning HQ's room with a shovel and trash bag as i had threatened, but the stuff had been gone through and was mostly the trash at that point. His bff got a good stack of pokemon cards for helping, that he scored by picking them up out of the giant pile of crapola I was about to throw away when hq was too lazy tired to pick up any more.

Didn't get to do as much planning for the trip as would have made me comfortable, but I've got some restaurant ideas, swimwear in the dryer, and shit, we can wear the same shorts over our same swimsuits for four days if I dont manage to pack or do more laundry. I got sunscreen and rubber shoes. Our room doesn't even have a microwave, so its not like I have to pack food for us to cook there to save money, we're gonna mostly be restauranting it, supplemented with cereal and pbj. Turns out there's a great vegetarian restaurant with a grilled cheese that made food tv's top five or something, so we have to try that, and the hotel is right near Mr Pancake, so, yeah. pancakes. PANCAKES WITH STUFFSES ON THEM.

I just didn't get to make a goddamn list and check shit off, so I'm convinced I'm skipping something that's gonna fuck us.

The baby (not a baby, she's THREE!)is officially big enough for the smallfry coaster this year, as well as a bunch of stuff she was kinda small for last year, so she's really excited, although still worried that we will see the gorilla statue that she hated so much last year, which she will apparently NEVER FORGET AS LONG AS SHE LIVES AND BREATHES.

The motel we're staying at only has wifi in the lobby, so we may not even bring computers. (so I have said, but we all know i will grab my eee and be in the lobby at 2 am.) But if I drop into silence til next week, that's why. If I miss something fabulous or failtastic, I'm sure the internet will live without my input on it.

i'm still planning on cruising back down for book group monday night, but I wont be there as long as i'd like, given that I can talk about that book for over an hour with people who haven't read it.

is there slash fic for any dream will do? just wonderin'
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It's really quite like me to start getting more into Doctor Who now, when it would take actual work to get caught up. And I didn't watch the new ep, because I've only watched sporadically, and out of sequence FTMP, because I just catch it whenver instead of watching it all crazylike so I'd have been lost and spoiled. .

Also, I've yet to see most of the first season,or the first half of the second of torchwood, I've found a streaming site, but I have a hell of a time following a show without captioning anymore, and there aren't captioned feeds. It's not hearing, but attention, accents, and loud kids. If I could find a streaming torchwood that was easily navigable on the damn wii, I could just go back and catch the prts I didn't hear, but the wii, she is glitchy. and watching it on the computer monitor, gives me a headache.

also,Z's computer is faster thanmine, but his keyboard is suck.

Also, spent the 4th with Z's family, as it's his grandma;'s birthday, and it was great. It's not a huge family, but it's far bigger than what I've got currently, soit reminds me of my dad's family up north, except without being farm folk. They're all, except for us, solidly middle/upper-middle class, although not "rich" just hardworking and successful and with more access to education in some cases, although our host has made himself quite comfortable running a housepainting business, without really any privilege/advantage over Z in his upbringing.

It just made me think some about the fact that although Z and I were both raised poor, he didn't come from multigenerational severe poverty, his mom and her sister were the exception in their family by beingpoor, while inmine it was what we came from. And that the only difference between him and his now well off cousin was actually just happenstance, not upbringing /privilege, since they were raised in part together fter z's aunt died, and both had unusual moms. I dunno.I think I need a nap. I did he whole "pretend you don't have social anxiety thing for the party, and now I'm wiped.
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okay, I better post so people don't think I'm in on the strike. I could give a donkeybutt. I was interested from a statistical POV, to see what type of drop in content would occur, but now that people are extra posting to counterstrike, there is no longer anything of interest to me in this.

In other news, "Typical." I think it's fair to say that your "typical american" of any race, has some sort of unease, mistrust, or other traces of racial discomfort in them. I can not see how the "typical white woman" comment is so deeply offensive. He's simply saying she is typical, there is nothing exceptional about her, she's not some angry racist, but she still has these traces in her consciousness because Guess What? Our culture shoves them down our throats our whole lives. He was talking about a white person's reaction to black people, which made referring to her as white rather than american the logical choice.

Fuck our culture. Dude tries to open up one honest discussion about race, which this country needs like a goddamn enema, and the white media starts jumping up and down aout how racist he is for wanting to talk about race. Fuck that in the eye.

I failed to post about the end of The Wire. I think I'll keep failing, except to say, everyone needs to watch it.

You fuckers got me hooked on Torchwood now. Except I missed the first season. One of you people who never stop posting Torchwood stuff needs to lend me the 1st season dvd nao.

Oh, and Shameless. How good is this show?

And I went to, um, different "social networking site" because its the one everyone I actually knew back in the day is on, and if LJers are pissed about a couple ads on their free accounts, they should go there for a minute. So many graphic heavy ads that each page takes about 4 times as long to load as LJ. I wish I were kidding. I also wish the like 8 people over there would just migrate to LJ, make my life easier.

This entire post was typed one handed as miss moji is asleep on my arm.

And there are a couple new picson my myspace, that I may get around to loading here.

in honor of the content strike, I think I will now break this into a few separate posts? no.
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Called animal control today over the neighbor's pit bull. Poor thing was locked outside, unchained, came running at the kids when we went out, and then dashed across the street to hassle the dog being walked by a ten yr old, scaring the shit out of the poor kid. Never mind my dog phobic kid, who was on the porch just frozen. Wen pounding om their door to let them know the dog was loose, and, of course, they weren't home. 15 minutes after I called, of course, they got home and took the dog in. Oh, and you don't call animal control here, you have to call the popo. And do you think my anxiety enjoys it when I talk to the police? hell no! But seriously, hello, PIT BULL.

Sold the Caddy! Woot! Happy kthxmas shopping moneys!

So, the Moji has started saying "OW" when she's not getting her way, right before she gets Mad, and I thought she was trying to express that her feelings were hurt. We realized what she is actually saying is "I WILL HURT YOU!" She'll say OW, wait a minute to see if she gets her way, and then either pinch or clock you. It's not funny. Not At All. Do not cross the baby. Also, she tells me she eats puppies. There were dogs on the TV the other night, and she went "Woof! OmOmOm." "Om" of course, is "Om nomnomnom" so I ask her, "You eat puppies?" And she smiles and says "yep." She's very excited to see her puppy friend tomorrow, and eat her, apparently. Last time she just snogged the puppy, now, poor Luna is fud.


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