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given how many second wave feminists were pretty damn racist and transphobic, even some of the feminist sff foremothers, we've guest of honored bigots at wiscon before, I'd imagine. I don't think it is relevant to whether Moon is disinvited, etc, but I think it might be good to think about how much how much bigotry we've, as feminists, been honoring all along.
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about the concomm response, the less okay I am with it. I mean, it's their decision, and they have more data than me. I am friends with people on the concomm, who I know are good people with great intentions, so I don't hold it against anybody, but this shit ain't right. I'm not saying that disinviting was the only answer, but claiming good will come of her still being guest of honor? no fucking way. Rescind the Honor part, but still have her as a guest of the con, so she can show up and try to defend this crap or apologize or get educated or at least not be "silenced" as some would try to claim. I get that there was no easy answer, but that letter was not the right move.

You are making fellow fans and writers feel unwelcome at wiscon. Fellow fans and writers who are already marginalized. I am seeing people say they will not come this year because they do not feel supported by the con against this bigotry. Both long time attendees and people who were thinking this would be their first wiscon.

This is my con. I will not stand for this shit. I believe that as someone who is not muslim, and therefore not directly hurt by this shit, and who wants Wiscon to be a welcoming place for all people, I am obligated to do what I can to make it a safer space. It shouldn't be on the few Muslims who come to the con to educate on this. Those of us who give a shit and have privilege need to step up as much as we can. I have shit talked about a walkout during her speech in comments to posts, and I'm committing publicly here to following through, unless a better plan is organized by someone else. Less in protest or hope to get through to Ms. Moon, than merely in solidarity, I guess.

I don't want my con poisoned by this shit. I expect better.


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