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And maybe mr difilippo is defending it so hard because if it weren't all white boys he might not have made the cut, if he were up against, say connie willis or octavia butler.

and, no one is saying 'omg, mike ashley hates the wimminzes!'  people are saying, 'maybe, as a white guy, what he finds to be the most mindblowing stories is subconsciously biased towards other white boys, and unless he doesn't care about appealing to a wider audience than hisself and other whiteboys, maybe he should think outside his own skin for a goddamn minute'    If I were putting together an anthology of the most mind blowing skiffy, and realized that every story I picked was written my someone in my demographic, I'd like to think that i would recognizing that i was cherry picking based on my personal tastes, which are influenced by my personal biases,  and unless the anthology was designed for me and mine alone, that i would need to broaden my selections based on more objective standards than my own biased tastes.
but apparently it's an insult to suggest that someone may be influenced by their own tastes and that those tastes are shaped by their biases and society.

I'm just gonna go back to swearing quietly in the corner, because I ain't gonna get through to any of the motherfuckers that don't get it.

especially not with this tone.


Jul. 27th, 2009 02:51 am
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I thought i had read all of heinleins adult books. Had Glory road confused with some other book, and had never read it. I have a weird thing with RAH's books, in that i read them all before feministing up, right? and I've been able to see the problematicality, since people pointed it out, and handwave it away because that's just how he is, and you work around it and enjoy the story anyhow. This, however, is HORRIBLE. OMG, it's as though because I don't have the fond familiarity that lets me handwave the sexist bullshit, it's sooooooooo front and center. like, brain explodey.

And it makes me realize, because of how RAH was so central to my scifi adolescence, that handwaving and excuse making (look at the time he was writing, at least he has strong women, other writers were worse etc) has made it impossible for me to look at his work honestly until now, and is probably going to take some serious mental adjustment for me to get past because of how deeply ingrained it is for me. it's hard for me not to handwave and excuse it.

He's the only one of the 'classic' sf authors of that era I have read much of at all, but he was like, big time favorite author for me for my whole teen years.


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