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walmart cashiers look a you funny if you wish them a happy festivus. well, probably not all of them,but my one cashier sample size sure did.

I am done shopping, sort of having spent hundreds of dollars tonight. I was also doing my mother's shopping for her, which counted for some of said hundreds, and I got groceries, but I still bought a bitch ton.

I stopped at shopko to see if they had Discontinued Action Figure that we have the almost full set of, nd they had one, which is more than anyplace else, but it was one we had. boo. but, I found shit on huge markdown and clearance, of the not on their list but holy shit they will love it variety, ranging from a thomas train set, aerosmith guitar hero, the hotwheels set with a t rex that wrecks the city!, gyro cars and launchers, bigass potato head set, miniature pony playset thing, tolee's tree house from ni hao kai lan, and a bunch of other kai lan goodies, all at least half off, some closer to 70% off. also, shopko was fucking empty. woot. scored good gifts for my mom as well, only failed to get anything for z and or hq's best buddy. because z is impossible to shop for. he will enjoy the gyro cars rock band, etc, so fukkit, and I can divert one of hq's to his bff

then I finished up with more crap from walmart, inc. my sims party for 20 bucks. got hq a bunch of board games between tonight and the other shopping, and he's getting a couple video games too.
i still have tto work out what's from us, what's from my mom, since I did her shopping.
I may in fact be trying to make sure that having a grandma in hospital over christmas doesn't wreck it for them by overwhelming them with crap. so many present they won't notice there's only one grandma
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finally have eveything for the finks' costumes. pobo finally decided on a fairy, because she found wings while we were looking for kitty ears to go with the kitty suit she decided today was her costume instead of the cowgirl she said she was gonna be.

we get to trick or treat TWICE, because tomorrow during the day, there's a downtown trick or treat thing going on with like 60 stores participating.

the finks are sleeping at night now. pobo is taking a damn nap right now, so she might push til like 11 pm, but most nights this week she's been out by like 8. hell, she probably could sleep through from now if I was willing to get up at 4 am.

the finks have discovered the soundtrack to Cabaret now, and both love 'Don't tell mama'

I'm eating better now that I am up during the day, too, which is good.

I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade to the new ubuntu that dropped today. I think I'd have to re-do all the little tweaks and hacks and sit I did to get this system to work the way I want it, with the 2 drives and sit, so I am hesitant. I don't even remember everything I did to get shit working the way it is now. but maybe video etc would work on the new install without so much tweaking?

totally rocking an amanda palmer obsession.

also, found a kickass crochet clutch purse, one side is black with a white skull, te other is reversed, both with a pink ribbn on their heads, lined with skeleton fabric. It was 1.99 and my eee fits in it. I haz cute goff laptop clutch!
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Imogene can now sing along to the theme to the backyardigans. and a few parts of the songs between shows on nickjr. This is MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE than the only songs she would sing for quite some time, see icon.

and I may as well call her Imogene here, because I can not all her that to her, or where she can hear, like EVER, STILL. She's Pobo baby now. wtfever. idk what Pobo fucking means either.

HQ and her really play together to some extent, finally, but half of that is him messing with her or her messing with him, not them cooperating. and there's a fair amount of 'OMG MOM, JUST GET HER AWAY FROM ME SO I CAN watch my movie/play pokemon/play guitar' and quite a bit of telling him not to kill his sister. But I'm finally seeing that the age gap between them doesn't mean they can't be peers.

as far as hq goes, srsly, 8 is the new 13, he's all hair, attitude, music and videogames. also, he's almost up to my shoulder. Can read at an 8th grade level but still thinks most chapter books are too text heavy and all picture books are too easy, so he's not reading much for books. which i try not to stress over, not everyone reads novels for fun, right?

I get hit with the holyshit wonderment of how cool my kids are sometimes, but I can't really imagine why people would want to read about what my finkmonkeys get up to, so I try to avoid these kid posts, but sometimes I can not help it.
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now the bb thinks she would really like her own computer. she steals mine a lot. but she doesn't want a laptop.

so we're probably gonna revamp the mac that everything is stored on and move it to the living room, I guess.

she's less likely to break that than another eee. but its big and awkward. I wish I had a decent spare imac laying around.
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the baby now not only sings her favorite bits from rent, but does choreography from it. She's got one leg up on the playpen railing, wailing "nanananaOoooOOOOOout, Tonight."

an was doing to opening from today for you at the playground today. She's even got a special scarf for when she's being mimi, and was prancing around going "Wanna prowl, be my night owwwl" while flouncing the scarf around. I'm never gonna get my good mom badge, since technically my two year old is pretending to be a stripper.

I don't have a mimi icon?


Mar. 10th, 2009 12:14 am
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smallest just infrmed me the TV is borked. It's not, but I like how she chse to phrase her oncern
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this insomniac kid bullshit is going to ucking kill me. this time she slept from about 3:30 to 5. yesteday i dozed off while she was still awake and woke up with clue pieces covering the bed. i got almost an hour of sleep tonight. by the time she's ready to sleep again, the other one will be getting up.

Brain Dump

Jun. 21st, 2007 08:03 pm
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So, the Heathen and I were gonna go down to the gamegeek store for the heroclix match thing, in hopes that some people who knew where to get the fucking maps, or just how to really play it, would be there. We got there late and all the clixgeeks had left. But he got some new guys, and now I have what amounts to free time while he plays and the Imp sleeps on my lap. Yes, I think I have finally decided which nicknames to use for the finks online.

Anyhow, I've started another story. Tihs one may be a novel, just given the amount of details and time spent in characters' heads so far. I'm writing longhand instead of typing this one. Which is good because I can write in the middle of the night or whatever without disturbing anyone who might be sleeping in the room with the computers, or using it. And, I can't get all "hmm..stuck on this part of the story, let's see what's going on on LJ." But it's bad because OMGZ I write slower than I type now. suck. and the Imp lost page one. pulled it clean out and ate it, best I can reckon. So I rewrote it, and it grew, so page 1 became pgs 1-3.

I'm hoping some actual story starts soon, since I have these characters I like and this interesting thing going on in the society, but not so much ACTION as of yet. Oh, well, I'm patient.

I've developed two new problem/guilty pleasures lately, teen soap operas . (DEGRASSI FOR ALL THE MARBLES! South of Nowhere for some marbles!) and well written but worthless pop music. (quick. save a few of those marbles for gym class heroes, that nutini guy, and fallout boy.)


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