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Took back a manipulative cheater because he was homeless. Even though we weren't exclusive, he still managed to find ways to cheat and lie instead of being straight up about it. Even after the takeback, he did it again.

I have given one of my best friends more chances than I can count now. He no longer qualifies as a best friend, barely a friend now, because, fuck, I have to have some standard, and being able to rely on someone in some way is my basic criteria, and all i can rely on him to do now is drink.

I gave another friend a big second chance after her husband went OFF on my kid, for the sake of my friendship with her, but that failed too.

I give lots of chances. I give fewer now, but if I value a person it takes a lot before I will write them off.
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because marijuana is too easy to grow yourself, and therefore too hard to be controlled by big business.
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Lambert. I'm sure bands that I am more musically into and would kill to see are even touring, but if I'm going to a big fucking show, I am going for the spectacle, and I wanna see the sparkly man eat his bass players face in person.
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oooh, I'll do this one

5 rocking madison things

2 queer/pagan/artist friendly
3 street fairs
4 good restaurants
5 state street

things what suck here
1 driving/parking downtown
2 drunk students/bar culture
3 weird ass classism
4 the lakes smell like dead fish for 4 months a year
5 all the fun neighborhoods have been gentrified out of my price range
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I'm finally coming to terms with my legal name, now that I realised just because my mom spelled it with a cutesifying, feminizing final "I" doesn't mean I can't give it the more traditional spelling. But up intil a few weeks back, i'da changed it if I had the chance.
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I have a bunch of recurring themes. The last day of school, and I haven't been to class in months and no one will tell me where it is, o why I am in highschool as a 30 something grownup with kids. Also the last day of wiscon, and I haven't gotten to the hotel yet.

the one where I leave my kids home alone and have to get across town either walking or riding a trike, or topless on a moped, or whatever to get back to them.

waitressing, but not wear a shirt, or maybe shoes, or something, and no one will tell me which tables are mine,m which are first, and we're all out of water glasses or something.


Having to move out of an apartment/check out of a hotel in like 5 minutes and nothing is packed/the place is wrecked.

Buying weed from hot young guys and then hooking up with them.

no, i do not personally care to dissect that shit. i think it's pretty up front
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yeah. a bunch of them
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heh. 12 year old me would be outraged. 2 kids. duplex on the edge of town. I was supposed to b doing something wild, adventurous and punkrock. I sold the fuck out, didn't i?
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a perfect circle
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more than once. hell, I walked out of the same job more than once. usually over some bullshit. no regret
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the first part of this questin is phrased so wrong that it hurts my brain. are moods controlled by brain chemistry, or does brain chemistry determine mood? THATS THE SAME DAMN THING ASSHOLES.

also, the question offends me


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