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I'm finally acknowledging that yes, my mental illness is disabling. I have depression and anxiety to the point where even well medicated, it prevents me from what most would consider 'normal functioning.' Most days, getting up and interacting with the kids is my absolute maximum I can do, leaving me spoonless for anything else. That's why my house looks like this.

on my really bad days, I can still get up and pretend to function for them, but the whole day is a fight, and I consider it a win if I don't have thoughts of suicide.

In the world, my depression has fucked up responsibilities, but because it's invisible, it's not like I get sympathy or help, it's just assumed I am lazy and irresponsible.

I have lost so many friends over my illness, not because I do anything horrible to them, but because I distance myself from people when it gets bad so they don't see how it is, or as self defense so people can't reject me when they see how broken I am. or just because when it's bad, I can't bring myself to initiate contact, and then i feel like an asshole for not calling for 4 mnths, which becomes a year, which becomes.....

and the anxiety, makes it so fun things like street festivals and parties lose most of their fun. I still try to go to such things for the kdis benefit, and because in between crawling out of my skin I sometimes get a little positive socialization.

but I have spent 20 years pretending this is just slightly off from normal, I'm not disabled, just a little sick. tghat's a goddamn lie.

Also, I am coming to terms with my physical pain problems, which may not be a disability, but certainly make me less able. my carpal tunnel keeps getting worse, so some days I can not lift the coffeepot one handed. My nerve thing in my back puts me at about 60% functioning at best for several days a month. If something happened and i had to go back to work, I am no longer able to do any of the jobs I have done in the past. I can't even think of any jobs I haven't tried that I could handle now, between the mental and the pain.

But I look pretty healthy, when my back works so I can stand, and have a hard time even getting my doctors to believe it's as bad as it is, because I have been covering so hard for so fucking long.


Jun. 27th, 2009 10:11 pm
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in case you wondered, out of crazypills+pmsish+broken goddamn computer=VERY BAD FUCKING GODDAMN FUCKING DAY FOR MAEV


Jun. 27th, 2009 10:11 pm
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in case you wondered, out of crazypills+pmsish+broken goddamn computer=VERY BAD FUCKING GODDAMN FUCKING DAY FOR MAEV
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i don't even know which antidepressant it's for, but the one with the "Who does depression hurt?...Everyone" and then they show the sad partner and dog of the depressive. "IT MAKES YOUR DOG SAD THAT YOU AREN'T TAKING OUR MEDS!! HAVE SOME MORE GUILT AND SELF LOATHING, YOU DEPRESSED PEOPLE!"


6 hours

Jun. 26th, 2007 10:25 pm
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is how long after missing my goddamn crazy pill that I will start to notice the problem. Now, having taken the crazy pill 6 hours late, the next 18 hours will SUCKSUCKSUCK. And the meds have just been keeping me at a functioning level, not a totally okay level, as it is, so I've been creeping along right fucking on the edge of that gray jello I fall in, and getting a little bit sucked into it even when I am taking the meds, so days I fuck up the meds are really horriblenogood.

Someone wanna come take my kids somewhere tomorrow so I can be a big fucking serotonin fuckedup wreck?


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