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so, with the help of a couple of good friends, (REALLY GOOD FRIENDS!) I managed to get the house up to landlord standard and then some, and pull off a mostly hitch free birthday party. (except for the part where her 'whole birthday was RUINED because her balloon got away) My house has maybe never been this clean, although it's the kind of clean where DON'T OPEN THE CLOSETS! NOT THE BASEMENT! I did wind up sorta cleaning HQ's room with a shovel and trash bag as i had threatened, but the stuff had been gone through and was mostly the trash at that point. His bff got a good stack of pokemon cards for helping, that he scored by picking them up out of the giant pile of crapola I was about to throw away when hq was too lazy tired to pick up any more.

Didn't get to do as much planning for the trip as would have made me comfortable, but I've got some restaurant ideas, swimwear in the dryer, and shit, we can wear the same shorts over our same swimsuits for four days if I dont manage to pack or do more laundry. I got sunscreen and rubber shoes. Our room doesn't even have a microwave, so its not like I have to pack food for us to cook there to save money, we're gonna mostly be restauranting it, supplemented with cereal and pbj. Turns out there's a great vegetarian restaurant with a grilled cheese that made food tv's top five or something, so we have to try that, and the hotel is right near Mr Pancake, so, yeah. pancakes. PANCAKES WITH STUFFSES ON THEM.

I just didn't get to make a goddamn list and check shit off, so I'm convinced I'm skipping something that's gonna fuck us.

The baby (not a baby, she's THREE!)is officially big enough for the smallfry coaster this year, as well as a bunch of stuff she was kinda small for last year, so she's really excited, although still worried that we will see the gorilla statue that she hated so much last year, which she will apparently NEVER FORGET AS LONG AS SHE LIVES AND BREATHES.

The motel we're staying at only has wifi in the lobby, so we may not even bring computers. (so I have said, but we all know i will grab my eee and be in the lobby at 2 am.) But if I drop into silence til next week, that's why. If I miss something fabulous or failtastic, I'm sure the internet will live without my input on it.

i'm still planning on cruising back down for book group monday night, but I wont be there as long as i'd like, given that I can talk about that book for over an hour with people who haven't read it.

is there slash fic for any dream will do? just wonderin'


Mar. 21st, 2009 01:51 am
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Okay, so I had pretty much decided I was gonna need to find a way to go this year before the lineup was leaking, because yeah, I fucking failed to see janes addiction back then, when they were blowing my mind as a teenager, so fucking a right I have to go to lolla as soon as I heard it was probably happening like that.

Then leaks happen, and I am literally doing the FLAILFLAILBOUNCE thing upon hearing the news from last fucking week when i wasn't even paying attention, that not only is it janes fucking addiction, it's the beastie muthafucking boys and depeche mode.

Let me dsay this again, with capslock, as my brain is expolding with yay




Beasties were my first Real concert, where we were there because i liked the music, not because my mom did. and my mom took me and my friends to see the beasties at 12 years old, on the tour with the giant inflatavble penis, AN CAGE DANCERS. and the opening bands were my first exposure to real fucking punkrawk, being murphy's fucking law and fishbone. My mother almost DIED.

Anyhow, so yeah, the beasties are the band I always wished I had gotten to see again after their first real tour. because that was the last time i saw them, because they WERE NEVER ALLOWED BACK TO THIS TOWN AGAIN.

and depeche mode? depeche mode was my entire 8th and 9th grade. but I never got to see them.

so yeah.

I gotta go.

and then. I finish reading the article, and tool MIGHT be one of the othet headliners. maybe tool, maybe kings of leon or some such shit.


either you know how how I am about tool, or you don't, and since this is like, the world's longest fluff post, we don't have time to go into it. But I'm one of those people about tool. like woaah

Only seen tool on the lateralus tour.

the second leg, as i was busy birthing, etc during the lateralus release and tour

and it tunrs out atmosphere is fucking confirmed too.

I have to go to it, but if it's not tool? the fact that it isn't tool willl be a LUMP OF LEAD IN MY BELLY.

long rambly post is long and rambly.


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