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there was some overlap and such, so i'm combining. my 5's came from oursin, leeoakfire,emzebel, and one from chris462

HA. I used to be an activist.  I find it sweet that 2 people thought of that word for me, considering.   I used to go to marches, and organized the local pagan pride for a few years.  Then I had kids, my activism now takes a more subtle form,  of moving information and trying to get through to individuals and change how they look at things.  So it's online activism, and arguing.  and not enough of it.

I'm lumping these two together even though they are technically separate.  I'm sensitive in the sense that things fucking hurt me.  less so on the meds, but it still happens.   as far as caring, I dont think Im more caring than average,  but yeah, i care about an awful lot of peple and things,

outraged (over injustice);  kinda ties in to the two above, don't it?   I've been outraged so much for so long, it's almost my default. There's just so much outrageous shit, ain't there?

See activist above. Im still pagan sort of, although i am more of an agnostic with pagan trappings now.

I knew I'd get this one.  i can't explain my love for Rent withouth talking about my taste in musicals in general.   I have always loved certain musicals. The dark ones. the socially relevant ones. Cabaret. Hair, RHPS, even. Technically it goes back to the rocky, which i was exposed to the soundtrack to at the ripe old age of 7.  and set the stage (ha) for my love of quirky, rock oriented musicals.   i watched Rent for the first time a little over a year ago, when it was running on hbo, and I fell in love with it.   The awesome of Angel, the sweet, the sad, the music.
So i Itunesed m yself some of the soundtrack, and the kids fell in love with the songs. So I got the videos of the songs on youtube for them, and the loved them so much that we had to buy the dvd. neither of them have seen the whole thing, only the musical numbers, mostly, but at this point I would let them watch the whole thing uncensored, with my only concern being the sadness of the death scene. 
Its actually been a great educational tool o sorts, because it started conversations about homosexuality, trans* ness, and HIV.  Maybe not everyone thinks that is what they should discuss with their 7 yr old, but Im pro-information.

I never wanted to be a parent.  much as i loved children, I liked to spend time with other people's kids, but I knew if I had kids they would eclipse the rest of my life, because I am not someoe who has enough for kids and my own life. But, I fucked up my math, and was not going to have a second abortion.  I was right, having kids consumed most of my life, but it turns out I'm okay with that, and get more satisfaction out of them than I did from the things I no longer have time for.

For all that I keep threatening to divorce the Feminist movement for being focussed on white middle class able cis women, I'm still a goddamn feminist, and I'd like the ones who keep making feminism exclusive to get the fuck out of my movement now, thanks.  But i won't let them drive me to stop calling myself a feminist, because those of us who think it's about all women are the real goddamn feminists, not the assholes.  

I like wiscon better than christmas and my birthday combined.   It's home to me.  I've only been ging for like 6 years.

I AM NOT SHTRLY.  However,  I do think class is a very important axis of oppression that gets overlooked too much.  I am very conscio0us of class shit because i was raised pretty poor, and was eventually bussd to more affluent schools and wound up aware of my class status pretty young, although I didn't have the context and language to process it until recently.   

I've had depression for as long as I can remember.  I was always prone to dark thoughts, morbidity, solitude, and i was a sad kid.  So it was actually hard to diagnose me, because a lot of the questions are based on depression being a change from one's usual state, where for me it was my usual state.  It's fucked me up more than I can talk about, honestly.  Most every decision I made from age 12 to age 20 was driven by the depression, including a lot of self destructive shit. 

Science Fiction

Another thing i have a weird relationship with. I love the skiffy, but most of the 'classics' i have no interest in.  Although I read the whole heinlein adult collection as a teenager, otherwise I haven't read most of the traditional sf canon.  Even within the feminist sf canon, i have skipped a lot of the major names, or only read small bits.  I've always been a big reader, and discovered scifi when i was like 8, with the danny dunn books and the mushroom planet.  at 12, the woman i babysat for lent me one of piers anthony's adept books, pohl's 'coming of the quantum cats' and silverberg's 'world inside' and holy shit,  my life was CHANGED.

even before i blogged, I blogged.  i just did it on usenet, in off topic posts to the tool newsgroup.

and from chris, Challenging
god, i wonder why you think i'm so challenging? I can say that you are not the only one. I've proven many times that I will say things that cross lines with good friends in defense of the truth as i see it. I will, and I do. my rl best friend has used the word challenging, as well as several other interesting words, (adversary, argumentative, archnemesis, ) in attempting to describe my interactions with him. I try to challenge myself even harder than I challenge those I value, and in some case the two interact very heavily. If I am arguing the fuck out of my beliefs with you, and challenging you hard, I'm challenging my beliefs to see if they stand up to yours too. I may in some cases also be challenging our friendship to see if it can stand up that strong. (not you in specific here, chris, but more the aforementioned best friend
i do it less for it's own sake in rl in the decade since i got the internet, which makes it easier to keep my friends.
I'm not as challenging as I'd like to be though.

now i anyone wants 5 from me, just ask


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