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I'm still probably too sick to do this effectively, and I have an extra kid here today while dh and extra kid's dad help a good friend move. So we'll see what i get through before having to referee more.

being a local, i was in and out of the con all weekend. My kid mostly refused to leave the daycare during all the hours they were open, so I got more time to actually do con stuff than ever before. Hit the LAadan v. Klingon panel friday afternoon, which was a high point of the weekend for me, in part just being in a room with other people who knew wtf LAadan was, in major part getting to hear Suzette discuss it first hand, in another major part getting to hear both her and MJ Hardman in a discussion, and then the bonus part, meeting a couple of other potential LAadan geek friends, Porcinea and Badgerbag, who are also interested in spreading LAadan, if not as a complete language, at least working parts we could really use into english. I'm hoping my head will clear up and i can start working on that, seeing as i think I have now siccessfully found both of them online. Planning on finally ordering the complete LAadan dictionary and grammar this week, rather than just scraping by with what is available online, although I saw a day or so ago that the whole thing may become available online, once sf3 agrees. There's a pretty good transcript of that panel up on the feminist sf wiki, which i am too lazy to link for you, since i can't get the assdamn wiki to load.

(editted to add)áadan_vs_tlhIngan_Hol_%28WisCon_30_Panel%29
and the wiki is not assdamned. I love the new wiki.

Spent most of the gathering shmoozing, knitting, and horking down decaf. My least favorite thing about being pregnant is having to not O.D. on coffee.

After dinner, went to the panel on "What a feminist think tank would look like" which was also very stimulating, but I don't recall much for detail right now. I bet the transcript for that is on the wiki too.

Then i hit parties with the kid, and you all know what parties are like.

We were busy one way or another the mornings through the whole con, so I didn't hit another panel til saturday at 1, the "does your baby make you smarter" panel, which i was late for, and was primarily about the challenges of creating with kids, and involved some great stories, pointers and anecdotes.

I'm beginning to crash again from this cold, so I'm gonna just do major highlights from the rest of the weekend, and may or may not actually go back into details.

The breeders v broads panel rocked, and is one i wish i had taken notes on. We covered some really good ground there, though not the ground i expected to cover, and included more disagreement then i had thought.
Then there was the linguistics & sf panel, which was also astounding. Knitting for boys wound up being much more knitting for everyone.
Went to the comics panel with the intent of just picking up a few recommendations, and instead got to hear a lively discussion on women in comics and all.

I'm done for now, With the only other highlights I want to mention being attacked by naomi kritzer's adorable, ruthless children, who would not relent til i was on the ground, and who the elder of proved to be too tough for my wildass kid to pull off of me. And running into an old friend, whose new girlfriend i had met a couple months ago with a strange feeling of familiarity, and realizing i recognized her from wiscons past. She's the completely fucking fabulous Kat Beyer and someday when my poverty breaks, i shall buy much of her art. Went to her reading, as well, and dammit, not only is she a great artist, she can write, too. Had to skip out on the rest of the reading, which i felt bad for, but had left the ill husband in charge of the child, and only felt like he could handle the short time Kat was reading, not the whole panel.


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