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So, we, oddly enough, got a real chunk of money back from taxes. We're straight up blowing about 1/4th of it, on equipment that Z needs, crafty stuff, and the Wii we picked up yesterday. SEXY Wii!
Beyond that, we are using the rest of the money to get our lives straightened out. Paying off all back debts, paying ahead on the utilities, putting a chunk in savings and investing a good 500 dollars, and the rest of it is going to set us up to make money, get the house organized, and save us money.

I started the organizing project last week, because there is no point in buying storage and sorting solutions until after I unstuff and get rid of all our useless bullshit. I've offered a friend with money problems some cash to do the scutwork while i organize.

Z gets a budget to fix the car he's planning on selling, and some money to add on to the funds from that sale to pick up his next project car.

As for spending money to save money, thus far that is taking place in the kitchen. We bought a crockpot, some food storage containers, a few other supplies, and one round of shopping like we got food stamps.
I started the bulk cooking mission last night, and made 5 quarts of lentil potato curry stuff. For a total of 5 bucks plus bread, (3$ in red lentils,a buck in frozen potatoes, 25 cents worth of peas, 50 cents worth of veggie stock and spices) we had dinner last night, filling for samosas tonight, 4 (pint) frozen lunches for Z to take to work and microwave, and a quart of it for dinner one night next week.

I've made the menu plan based on what I bought shopping, and I have over two weeks worth of healthy rocking dinners for an absolute max of five dollars per meal for three people, (several of them will be 3 dollars) and three of those recipes will be making giant crockpot batches that will actually be at least two dinners + 2-3 lunches. I'll be updating with my bulk cooking adventures.

I have written the definitive budget, both of how this windfall is being spent and how Z's checks will be budgeted out from now on, and we will so totally be living much better for way less, if this all works as it should. The budget for the tax money is going to cover homeschooling supplies, at least a season's worth (maybe 2)of clothing for the 4 of us(at the thrift shop, of course) and possibly a sewing machine, so I can alter/repair our clothes, so all that counts as money that will not be coming out of the paychecks for a while.


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