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Okay, so my neighbors are nice enough guys, who sometimes have some buddies over and wind up out on the porch smoking. So, this afternoon, I went out there with my mom while she was over, and was chatting with one of the neighbors and then one of their friends came out, and he was just chatting, friendly, whatever. He's a little older than me, so I didn't think twice about him being friendly. Then he touches my tattoo, and says, "hey, I like that" and we talked about tattoos, and I went in. I went back out after my mom left, and they're all still out there, and the same guy starts talking to me, and says how much he likes my hair. And then tells me how sexy he thinks my hair is. Mind you, my head is shaved, except for my bangs, so I don't have, like, hotchyck hair. and then says something about how he shouldn't say anymore because he knows I have a husband, at which point I thank him. and then asks how my husband likes my hair, and then re-iterates the whole sexy thing, telling me he knows I like hearing it. I'm just sitting there awkward and speechless, because I don't sit at the ready with clever comebacks when I go out on my fucking porch for a smoke, and my neighbor says, laughing, "hey, are you harassing the neighbor lady" to his friend, who looks at me. I say, "well, a little" and sorta laugh it off, and then get up and go in.

Anyhow, now I'm pissed. For one, that some fucker decided it was cool to try to pick me up on my own fucking porch, continued after I showed I wasn't interested, which to me is where it crosses into harrassment, and for two, that I didn't speak up right the fuck away, even with the old generic "EXCUSE ME? I must have heard you wrong, because it sounds like you're hitting on me, dude" I talked to Z, and he doesn't get it either, and when I asked him, as a guy, how many guys are pigs of one sort or another, he implied it was most of them.

And I have a question for any men reading this. What makes a guy think that's an okay way to behave? I know all the guys are going to say they don't act like that, but I bet at least one of your friends or acquaintances does, so seriously, wtf is up with it?


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