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Jun. 21st, 2007 08:03 pm
maevele: (stoned nate sfu)
So, the Heathen and I were gonna go down to the gamegeek store for the heroclix match thing, in hopes that some people who knew where to get the fucking maps, or just how to really play it, would be there. We got there late and all the clixgeeks had left. But he got some new guys, and now I have what amounts to free time while he plays and the Imp sleeps on my lap. Yes, I think I have finally decided which nicknames to use for the finks online.

Anyhow, I've started another story. Tihs one may be a novel, just given the amount of details and time spent in characters' heads so far. I'm writing longhand instead of typing this one. Which is good because I can write in the middle of the night or whatever without disturbing anyone who might be sleeping in the room with the computers, or using it. And, I can't get all "hmm..stuck on this part of the story, let's see what's going on on LJ." But it's bad because OMGZ I write slower than I type now. suck. and the Imp lost page one. pulled it clean out and ate it, best I can reckon. So I rewrote it, and it grew, so page 1 became pgs 1-3.

I'm hoping some actual story starts soon, since I have these characters I like and this interesting thing going on in the society, but not so much ACTION as of yet. Oh, well, I'm patient.

I've developed two new problem/guilty pleasures lately, teen soap operas . (DEGRASSI FOR ALL THE MARBLES! South of Nowhere for some marbles!) and well written but worthless pop music. (quick. save a few of those marbles for gym class heroes, that nutini guy, and fallout boy.)


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