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for me to literally jump up and down giggling like a schoolgirl, even if it's 3 something in the goddamn morning and the pobobaby has woken up for chrissakes, for me to turn on the tv and find that the GODAWFUL 70 whatever movie of Sgt Pepper WITH PETER FUCKING FRAMPTON AND THE BEE FUCKING GEES is available on the cable on demand thing. I watched like five minutes before pobo decided she hated it like woah because it wasn't dora, but I was srsly squeeing out. I was worried I might actually pee myself when Barry Gibb turned up.

When I was a little kid, that was the MOST SUPERAWESOMEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME AND SPACE. My mother still tells the story about how every time it was on, I would watch it and WEEP at the sad part even though I knew the girl didn't tay dead. In my head, Steve Martin IS Maxwell Edison, always. I have to convince the baby to let me finish watching this. I'm going to make HQ's Beatle loving as watch it tomorrow.

I am such a horrible geek omg. I recognize as an adult what a fucking atrocity this movie actually is, but I loved it with ALL OF ME when I was tiny, so that tiny person still loves it to death.


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