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walmart cashiers look a you funny if you wish them a happy festivus. well, probably not all of them,but my one cashier sample size sure did.

I am done shopping, sort of having spent hundreds of dollars tonight. I was also doing my mother's shopping for her, which counted for some of said hundreds, and I got groceries, but I still bought a bitch ton.

I stopped at shopko to see if they had Discontinued Action Figure that we have the almost full set of, nd they had one, which is more than anyplace else, but it was one we had. boo. but, I found shit on huge markdown and clearance, of the not on their list but holy shit they will love it variety, ranging from a thomas train set, aerosmith guitar hero, the hotwheels set with a t rex that wrecks the city!, gyro cars and launchers, bigass potato head set, miniature pony playset thing, tolee's tree house from ni hao kai lan, and a bunch of other kai lan goodies, all at least half off, some closer to 70% off. also, shopko was fucking empty. woot. scored good gifts for my mom as well, only failed to get anything for z and or hq's best buddy. because z is impossible to shop for. he will enjoy the gyro cars rock band, etc, so fukkit, and I can divert one of hq's to his bff

then I finished up with more crap from walmart, inc. my sims party for 20 bucks. got hq a bunch of board games between tonight and the other shopping, and he's getting a couple video games too.
i still have tto work out what's from us, what's from my mom, since I did her shopping.
I may in fact be trying to make sure that having a grandma in hospital over christmas doesn't wreck it for them by overwhelming them with crap. so many present they won't notice there's only one grandma


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